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Click the logo to watch all of our episodes on demand at Gen 7 Outdoor Network

"A Common Hunting Show For The Common Hunter"

Who we Are

Welcome to the official home of Unchained Outdoors. We are a dedicated group of outdoor enthusiast that hunt free range public property in western Pennsylvania,Ohio,and Kentucky. We offer a " Common Hunting Show For The Common Hunter" We stand for the values and principals of hunting the way it was intended, we hunt because we like the sport, it offers quality time in the outdoors, fresh clean natural meat to provide for our families, a harvest is not only a goal, but a bonus. That is what the sport is all about, we encourage everyone to hunt how they like and not worry about what the others think, you paid for your tag, hunt how you like and be proud of what you accomplish. Unchained Outdoors was founded and currently owned by Host Justin McFadden. Growing up in western Pennsylvania where hunting traditions ran deep for generations, hunting Pennsylvania whitetails during the winter firearm season is where it began, Pennsylvania offers vast amounts of wildlife to pursue but also offers a challenge with the amounts of licensed hunters around. Host Justin McFadden, and Pro Staff Ed Doherty all have grown in hunting Pennsylvania and enjoy the tradition it offers. Pro Staff James Drury grew up in central Kentucky where hunting traditions run as deep as Pennsylvania. Growing up, James had medical problems with his eyes and wasn't able to participate in physical contact sports, so hunting and fishing was his outlet to enjoy life. Today James has developed himself into an outstanding outdoorsman and continues to love and respect this sport for what its for. Hunting as a sport, and the animals that we pursue is a deep part of us and we have great amounts respect for, we pride out selves on being responsible, law abiding ethical hunters who have a passion for what we do and being able to introduce the sport to others and youths. For everyone who is a "Common Hunter" this is the show for you, Be sure to check us out On Gen7 Outdoor Network on Roku, live streaming and on demand at and be sure to follow us on Facebook and on your TV. I thank you for visiting our page and supporting us, Happy Hunting, Shoot Straight, and Hunt For Yourself

Justin McFadden, Owner - Unchained Outdoors


Who We Are

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